Learn More About NASA

Houston offers a fantastic experience to any visitor or local exploring the city. NASA Center is an epic attraction that anyone would want to see. One would be graced with interactive AI technologies, exhibitions of moon rocks, NASA Tram Tour cruises, and a taste of the Martian terrains.

24 Apr 2021

Jim wells courthouse

What to See in Alice, Texas

The city of Alice is actually located in Jim Wells County, and although not a prominent tourist destination, there is lots to see. Readers will discover many of the historic attractions and their significance. Music enthusiasts will be interested to learn about Tejano, which originated in Alice, fusing Mexican vocals and traditional European dance tunes. Nature lovers will enjoy birdwatching, fishing, and hunting, and licenses can easily be obtained for these activities. Golfers will be delighted to discover two courses. Visitors arriving in May can join in the fun of the annual Bandana Festival.